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Gardauno Spa


Garda Uno offers an automatic water consumption communication service which can be activated free of charge via a toll free telephone number or via the web portal at this address.

Thanks to this tool, it is possible to advise the exact consumption rate recorded on your meter before your bill is issued. The exact period within which you can activate the self-reading is specified in the invoice attached to the bill in the space dedicated to messages for customers. After this period, it is not possible to communicate your meter reading.

To communicate your meter reading, follow the instructions carefully:

  • Take note of your code which appears on the upper right side of the invoice;
  • Dial the following number and follow the instructions of the operator carefully; the number is free of charge for all landline calls.

Tool-free number for the self-reading of meters:

800-547 657



Italian to english translation by Francesca Giustacchini - Liceo Scientifico Statale Enrico Fermi , Salò (BS) - for the Garda Uno Lab project