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Gardauno Spa

Padenghe sul Garda, electric charging colum: power increase and new access system

We inform you that in the framework of continuous improvement of the 100% Urban Green Mobility grid the charging column of electric vehicles of Padenghe del Garda has been converted in a charging column able to provide 22 kW (three phase).

The new charging point has two type 2 sockets.

At the charging column  site of  Padenghe del Garda  a new experimental management system that does not foresee the use of the mobility card has even been activated.

From 08/09/2017 the access to this charging column will be exclusively feasible through a smartphone even for registered users.

Registered users will be able to either use the QRCODE written on the charging column or connect themselves to their personal webpage through the portal
The other charging stations will continue to be accessible through the use of the mobility card or linking to your own personal webpage.
For temporary users the charging modes do not change.
For any info or clarification request it is possible to contact us by phone (Tel: 030-9995401) or sending an email to the following address: