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1. User identification codes are located in the upper right hand side of the bill and give you access to Garda Uno web portal, where you can see all your bills “on-line”. These codes must be indicated on all correspondence sent to Garda Uno to retrieve any information about your account.

2. Specific references of the user: address, bill header and supply location, bill number, consumption dates and the total bill amount (except adjustments).

3. Charges:

  • Taxable amount,
  • VAT charged,
  • Any different charges (anyway specified),
  • Expiry date (after which late payment fee will be charged according to Provincial Water Service regulations)
  • Method of payment: except for direct debits, payment can be made by postal payment using the specific postal payment slip attached to the bill.

4. Some important notes are found on the bottom of the first page, namely:

  • No one is authorized to collect money directly from the user for bills or other activities (for example: relocation/replacement of the meter).
  • Anybody who asks you for money on behalf of Garda Uno is a crook: report him/her immediately to the Police (tel.113 or tel.112) and call our toll-free number and report the incident.
  • There is information on when to carry out self-reading of the meter to avoid charges on the account (calculated on previous consumption records).
  • All reference numbers: emergency, customers and self-reading.

5. The second page of the bill contains all the consumption details: The billing period, type of usage (domestic resident, non-resident, non-domestic, farm, promiscuous), the number of the served property units, the serial-number of the meter and the reference readings on which the consumption is calculated.

Furthermore, it contains details of the water tariffs (divided into consumption groups through the “pro-die method”), sewer and purification fee. There are also fixed rates in proportion to the number of days to which the charge refers. charge refers.

6. Notes to the customer with specific information about the Service, the next bill, outstanding amounts, expiry dates, etc.

7. The tariffs applied refer to the year indicated.



Italian to english translation by Greta Chimini - Liceo Scientifico Statale Enrico Fermi , Salò (BS) - for the Garda Uno Lab project



Liceo Scientifico Statale Enrico Fermi
Via Martiri delle Foibe, 8 – 25087 Salò (BS)

Dirigente Scolastico: Maria Gabriella Podestà
Referenti Garda Uno Lab:
Prof.ssa Mariangela Conter – Prof. Claudio Fantoni - Frof.ssa Nancy Ghandour

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