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Eco-Calendar 2020 - Lonato del Garda, door to door separate waste collection


Eco Calendar 2020 - Lonato del Garda
Door to door separate waste collection - A small undertaking that gives big result

Paper and cardboard
Use a disposable or tied loose cardboard box, and crush or fold the boxes.  Do not use dustbins or crates.

YES - Newspapers, magazines, books, exercise books, all kinds of boxes (toothpaste, pasta, etc.), cardboard boxes, drink cartons (Tetra Pak without plastic caps, rinsed and crushed).

NO - Plastic-coated paper, grease-proof paper, carbonpaper, cellophane, greased paper. What it will become  It will be turned into other paper at the paper mills without using new trees, and with less water and electricity.

Glass, Metal tins and tubes for foods, Cans for drinks
Blue container without bag. To keep it clean, empty thecontainer and if necessary, rinse it.

YES - Bottles, jars, glasses, glass objects, normal light bulbs, steel and aluminium cans, metal tins for foods (peeled potatoes, tuna, etc.), cans for drinks, crown caps, lids of jars.

NO - Ceramic and china, neon lamps, mirrors. What it will become  It will become top-quality glass at the glassworks and will save raw materials, water and energy. Recycling metals is the easiest. It saves money and non-renewable resources are not wasted.

Organic Waste
In the kitchen, use the ventilated basket with its special biodegradable  (MATER-BI) bag. When it is full, transfer the bag, closed well, into the  brown container, which will then be placed at the kerb for  collection.

YES - Biodegradable kitchen waste, leftovers of food, food gone bad,egg shells, scraps of vegetables and fruit, coffee grounds, tea filters, stale bread, paper serviettes, wilted flowers.

NO - Hard materials, plastic bags. What it will become  It will be turned into compost at the composting plant.  Compost is an excellent fertilizer for farming.

Plastic Packaging Materials
Clear yellow bag; crush well to save space.

YES - All clean plastic packaging materials:

  • Bottles for drinks and foods
  • Bottles and jars for household cleaning and personal care products (detergents, soaps, etc.
  • Clear plastic or polystyrene tubs or packages for fresh foods
  • Yogurt, cream cheese, dessert containers
  • Packing film wrapping bottles, toilet paper, etc.
  • Plastic bags, envelopes and bags for foods in general (e.g. pasta, rice, potato chips, frozen products)
  • Fruit and vegetable nets
  • Plastic lids (to separate from the main packaging if made of another material)
  • Blister packs and rigid containers shaped formats (shells for toys, stationery articles ...)
  • Packing cellophane and bubble wrap
  • Clean glasses and dishes
  • Clothes hangers.

NO - Plastic not used for packaging, toys CD cases, plastic cutlery, rubber.

What it will become
It will become top-quality glass at the glassworks and will save raw materials, water and energy.  Recycling metals is the easiest. It saves money and non-renewable resources are not wasted.

Unsorted Waste
Bag, well-closed.

YES - Residue of household cleaning (dust, vacuum cleaner bags), nappies, cat litter, rubber, audio/video tapes, plastic cuttlery, pails, basins, non-electrical toys, plastic-coated paper, cosmetics, pens and markers, etc.

NO - Do not introduce anything that can be recycled. What it will become  It will be used as fuel to produce electricity. The law requires that only whatever cannot be recycled in any other way be placed in this collection. In all, no more than 30% of our waste.



Download the APP Garda Uno Ricicla



“Garda Uno Recycles” a free App for citizens of the municipalities in the Garda region that carry out waste management.

The App includes:

  • An updated calendar highlighting the dates of the waste collection in each municipality;
  • A complete guide to the separation of waste: the ABC’s of waste;
  • Collection points: opening hours, useful information and a link to the navigation system of your smart phone showing you how to get to the nearest collection point;
  • Notifications on your smartphone letting you know when and what type of waste to put out every day. This service is available for municipalities that have a door-to-door collection service;
  • News for users;
  • Collection instructions.

Download the App here:



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