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Gardauno Spa

The activity is divided into two macro areas: “Energy Service” offered to public entities, and the sale of turnkey solutions, available for both private and public customers.

With “Energy Service” aimed at the construction of installations owned by Garda Uno Spa servicing public amenities, about 1090 kwp have been reached and activated, with the capacity of generating around 1,250 ,000 kwh/year.

By activating the “Energy Service”, Garda Uno SpA, together with the network operator, becomes the owner of the power supply outlet and of the exchange contract at the location of the installation. The economic advantages for entities that opt for this solution come from the discount applied by Garda Uno Spa on the consumption of self-produced energy and self-consumed energy.

By opting for a “turnkey solution”, the customer purchases a complete installation; Garda Uno Spa follow all aspects of the installation on behalf of the customer, such as administration, planning and execution of the installation until it is fully functional. Up to today, 70 photovoltaic installations have been built and activated in this way for a total of 2840 kwp installed power.

After-sales assistance for the first private photovoltaic installations has been active since 2010 and includes the following services: “Management”, “Full Assistance” and “Remote-control”.

Photovoltaic Installations

Elementary school Via Lago Lucone Polpenazze 2007 7,98
Elementary school Via Longarone, 17 Pozzolengo 2007 11,90
Elementary school Via Dante Alighieri, sn Carpenedolo 2007 18,36
School gym Via Dante Alighieri, 32 Carpenedolo 2007 18,36
Nursery school Via XX Settembre,10 Puegnago 2007 3,74
Elementary school Via Mazzini, 25 San Felice 2007 6,12
Elementary school Via Montessori Salò 2007 18,90
Middle school Via Pietre Rosse Salò 2007 12,60
Middle school Via Tartaglia Toscolano 2007 16,83
Middle school Via Pace, 32 Desenzano 2007 11,73
Middle school Rivolt. Via Durighello/Foscolo Desenzano 2007 13,60
Elementary school Rivolt. Via Benedetto Croce,12 Desenzano 2007 18,90
Townhall Via Alfieri/XXIV Maggio, 27 Sirmione 2007 17,64
Middle school Via Longarone,15 Pozzolengo 2007 16,83
Municipal Warehouse Via Rassica, 20 Lonato 2007 15,12
Garda Uno registered office Via Barbieri, 20 Padenghe 2007 17,51
Elderly home Via S. Pietro Tignale 2007 18,27
Middle school gym Via Repubblica,17 Gargnano 2007 18,90
Townhall Largo G. Mattetotti Toscolano 2007 8,40
Sports Center Via Tonoli,10 Tignale 2007 5,04
Gym Via Italia Calvagese 2007 11,73
Nursery school Via Ciucani Soiano 2007 6,12
Atena 94 Gym Via Laffranchi Carpenedolo 2007 18,40
Middle school Via Verdi Roè Volciano 2008 18,40
Comunal gym Via Merler, 1 Puegnago 2008 9,00
Mini housing for elderly Via Trieste, 49 Gardone 2008 9,60
Elementary school Via Verdi Roè Volciano 2008 18,40
Elementary school Viale Europa, 15 Tremosine 2008 7,60
Della Rocca Museum Via Rocca, 20 Manerba 2009 14,85
Valtenesi Surgery Via Gassman, 5 Manerba 2009 16,74
Gym Via Minerva,1 Manerba 2009 45,79
Elementary school Via Castellana Soiano 2009 9,20
Sports stadium Via Tovo Limone 2009 6,00
Centenaro School Via Centenaro Lonato 2009 17,48
Three Stars Via Giotto, 104 Desenzano 2009 56,81
Esenta School Via S. Marco Lonato 2009 15,18
Cittadella School Via Isonzo, 3 Carpenedolo 2009 110,40
Ex townhall Via Ciucani, 2 Soiano 2010 8,10
Nursery Via Roma Lonato 2011 19,32
Leonardo SSP Istituto Via Balestrieri, 6 Brescia 2011 96,60
Leonardo RID Istituto Via Balestrieri, 6 Brescia 2011 96,60
Day care centre for elderly Via della Repubblica, 14 Acquafredda 2010 10,73
Einaudi  Istituto Via Fratelli Sirani, 1 Chiari 2011 77,28
Durighello Stadium Via Durighello Desenzano 2012 46,93
Buonchiodo Via Renzano snc Salò 2012 15,12
School expansion Via Lago Lucone Polpenazze 2012 5,76
Elementary school Via Partesane snc Acquafredda 2012 19,50
Naval league Via Lungo Lago Desenzano 2013 5,76
Tassinara Via Bruto Desenzano 2013 19,20



Italian to english translation by Greta Chimini, Giulia Lancini and Alexandra Gnaccarini of the Liceo Scientifico Statale Enrico Fermi , Salò (BS) - for the Garda Uno Lab project