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Gardauno Spa

Anyone who uses, even occasionally, methane gas or any other type of gas equipped by urban distribution networks or transport systems, automatically benefits from an insurance cover against accidents caused by gas, according to resolution No. 191/213/R/gas of the for Electrical Energy and Gas Authority.

The insurance cover is valid on all national territory and does not include:

  • Final users of methane gas that are different from domestic or residential customers and from individuals who conduct public service activities, characterized by an annual consumption that is higher than 200.000 cubic meters in standard condition;
  • Customers of methane gas consumers for automotive sector.

The insurance covers: third party liability, fire and injuries, caused by the installations and by the downstream equipment from the delivery point of the gas (downstream from the meter). The insurance cover is stipulated by CIG (The Italian Gas Committee) on behalf of the final customers.

For further details concerning the insurance cover and the forms used to make any eventual claims, contact the energy consumer department on the toll-free number 800166654 or by following the indications on the website

Any eventual claims must be sent to the following e-mail address:



Italian to english translation by Diana Costantini of the Liceo Scientifico Statale Enrico Fermi, Salò (BS) for the Garda Uno Lab project