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The objectives of Garda Uno focus on research and development with the aim of maximizing energy efficiency and minimizing waste on every level by turning to new sources of renewable energy and to more functional technologies.

All members and public administrations should actively support Garda Uno in achieving this objective by saving resources and reducing the impact on the environment, by collecting and valorising waste, lowering energy consumption and by reducing harmful greenhouse emissions, without significantly compromising economic growth.

This is an important challenge that also affects the Garda Basin, where infrastructures are often obsolete and not up to system development standards.

In this scenario Garda Uno SpA will have to operate productively as an Energy Provider to offer its members and customers services to improve the energy efficiency of the installations in public amenities and buildings.

The remuneration for the services provided by Garda Uno is based on the optimization of energy consumption and the achievement of the goals thanks to their ability to contribute to reducing waste and developing sources of renewable energy.

Managing, developing and building in an environmentally friendly way is therefore the approach chosen to face the challenges to undertake the day-to-day running operations, in the planning of new plants and buildings and above all in the maintenance and recovery of existing buildings.

Institutions play a decisive role in every step as the policies for sustainable development are going to be locally carried out to reach the citizens directly and be more efficient and focused on the needs of the population, while carrying out interventions of this nature on the territory, will allow an extensive distribution in accordance with the administration

The energy sector intends to continue the consolidation of the existing activities as well as to start executive paths into new fields. The dominant topics will be: electric mobility and the development of innovative environmentally friendly projects like high energy savings on public lighting and heat management of thermal power stations.



Italian to english translation by Chiara Bontempi and Ilaria Lazzarini of the Liceo Scientifico Statale Enrico Fermi , Salò (BS) - for the Garda Uno Lab project


ProntoWeb - Il sistema aziendale 24 ore su 24

Per soddisfare le richieste degli Utenti, Garda Uno mette a loro disposizione una serie di strumenti informatici che consentono una reale comunicazione col Gestore del Servizio.

Il portale “PRONTOWEBmette in grado gli Utenti di interagire col sistema informativo aziendale attraverso Internet, canale oggi sempre più diffuso e familiare.

Collegandosi con un semplice browser è possibile accedere in tempo reale alle informazioni tipiche di uno sportello e compiere le operazioni direttamente da casa. L’utente potrà così interagire con il sistema aziendale 24 ore su 24 e potrà facilmente accedere alle informazioni, qualunque sia il tipo di computer o il paese di origine della chiamata.

Il portale PRONTOWEB contribuisce pertanto al miglioramento delle prestazioni erogate dall’Azienda oltre ad ottimizzare i flussi di comunicazione con l’Utenza.

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