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Gardauno Spa

Our service

By subscribing to one of the subscriptions, it will be possible to access the entire Garda Uno SpA charging network and, thanks to interoperability, also to the national and international charging points connected via eRoaming.

Why choose Garda Uno?



Prepaid Card

The ideal prepaid card for tourists

Discover the prepaid card>

Rate plans

The cost of activating the subscription service includes a one-off contribution of € 25.00.
Access to the service with App can be combined to the access with the Mobilitycard. Each card requested has a cost of € 5.00. Shipping is active only in Italy with cash on delivery service at an additional cost of € 10.00.


• Option to choose the most convenient rate plan suited to your needs.
• Recharge your car with green energy, locally produced without CO2 emissions
• Access the service quickly with app or Mobility Card

100% subscription – FLAT

Recharge your car whenever you want with a monthly package at affordable rates.

Flat rate

Rate €/month Kwh included in the charging service
Alley fare €23,00 50
Street fare €44,00 100
Road fare €85,00 200
Avenue fare €125,00 300
Route fare €200,00 500

Extra Flat Rate

  Column type Characteristics of the column €/kWh
Extra Flat Rate All All €0,50

The Extra Flat tariff will be applied to the kWh consumed in excess of the subscribed Flat tariff plan.

Activate subscription

Consult the privacy policy of the service

Consult the General Conditions of the Contract

Prepaid card

The ideal solution for recharging in a limited period inside  Garda Uno SpA recharging circuit.

Remember that this card is used for the columns 100% Urban Green Mobility of Garda Uno and NOT for the columns Eway dedicated exclusively to vehicles in sharing.


  • The prepaid card is for you: it has 100 kWh loaded.
  • Recharge your car with green energy, locally produced without CO2 emissions.
  • Access the service quickly without signing up for a subscription.
  • The card has no expiry date.

Where to buy the prepaid card?

You will find our cards at :

  • Tourism Peschiera Infopoint - piazza Betteloni, 15 - Peschiera del Garda (VR). For info call us at 0452237183 or send an email to;
  • Comune di Verolanuova - Ufficio Tributi -  piazza Libertà, 37 - Verolanuova (BS);
  • Azienda Speciale Tignale Servizi Manlio Bonincorti - via Europa, 5 - Tignale (BS). For info call us at 0365733354.


Where can I recharge my car with the Garda Uno card?

Consult the map: here you will find the address of all charging stations 100% Urban Green Mobility with the number of plugs available and the power.

IMPORTANT: remember that the charging speed depends both on the type of column you are using, and on the characteristics of your car!