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Eway instructions for use - scooter

Before, during and at the end of the use of eway scooters, all the procedures required by the GARDAUNO EWAY App (IOS - ANDROID) must be respected.

Start of the journey

  • Follow the instructions of the GARDAUNO EWAY App until the end of the rental start procedure.
  • Lift the lid of the top case, which opened automatically after starting the rental via the App.
  • Remove the helmet and put it on.
  • Close the top case, checking that this has been done correctly.
  • Remove the stand and mount on the motor.
  • Press the START button located under the right knob.
  • Check the state of charge of the vehicle that will appear on the dashboard.

After pressing the START button, the scooter will not emit any sound and will appear to be switched off. To check the actual ignition, check that the scooter symbol on the dash­board is on and the following parameters have appeared: battery, speed and time.

Being electric, the scooter has a direct start, so be careful when accelerating in the first starts. For stops during the rental use the commands Open and Close present in the App in the “your reservation” section, to switch the scooter on and off.

End of the journey

  • Return to the departure station and park in any free stall under the Eway canopy.
  • Open the top case manually with the button.
  • Put the helmet inside.
  • Close the top case, checking that this has taken place correctly.
  • Close the motor following the instructions of the GARDAUNO EWAY App.
  • Before leaving the vehicle, check that the booking has been completed in the app.

For any information or need, you can call our toll-free number H 24 7/7

From Italy: 800 133 966
From abroad: +39 044 5230383
Roadside Assistance: 800 279 279