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Gardauno Spa


Please Note: for up-to-date information on the Eway service, always visit the website

Eway instructions for use - Car

Before, during and at the end of the use of eway cars, all the procedures required by the GARDAUNO EWAY App (IOS - ANDROID) must be respected.

Start of the journey

  • Follow the instructions of the GARDAUNO EWAY App until the end of the rental start-up procedure.
  • Open the glove compartment and remove the key and eway card.
  • Move the eway card closer to the charging station reader.
  • Wait for the signal and remove the connector.
  • Unlock the car side socket using the button on the left of the steering wheel or the button on the key and remove the connector.
  • Store the cable in the boot in an orderly manner.
  • Insert the key into the slot near the gearbox.
  • Turn on the car by pressing the start button and the brake pedal at the same time.

The gearbox is automatic (D: direct gear R: reverse gear, N: neutral, P: parking / ignition / key removal). To operate the gearbox, hold the lever and simultaneously press the button under the knob.

Traveling in ECO mode your autonomy will be greater, you cand find the button next to the gearbox.

On the car there is a 100% Urban Green Mobility card to recharge at the Garda Uno recharging points, it will be sufficient to bring the card close to the charging station reader and insert the cable. Consult the map of the
stations on the territory.

End of the journey

  • Return to the departure station to park in any free blue Eway stall.
  • Take the cable from the car trunk.
  • Move the Eway card closer to the charging station reader
  • Wait for the release of the socket and insert the connector in the column taking care to neatly extend the cable
  • Open the car side socket using the button on the left of the steering wheel or the button on the key.
  • Insert the connector into the car socket and check that the charging started correctly on the dashboard.
  • Insert the token into the blackbox slot inside the glove compartment.
  • Insert the eway card in one of the two blackbox slots inside the glove compartment.
  • Check that the 100% Urban Green Mobility card is on board the vehicle. ATTENTION: do not insert it in the glove compartment
  • Close the car following the GARDAUNO EWAY App instructions.
  • Before leaving the vehicle, check that the booking has been completed in the app.

You forgot something? For 10 minutes you will be able to access the car again by unlocking it from the APP.

For any information or need, you can call our toll-free number H 24 7/7

From Italy: 800 279 279
From abroad: +39 044 5230383
Roadside Assistance: 800 133 966