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A word about LPG

Not everyone knows that LPG is both common and affordable for everyone, for example you can find it in a normal lighter.
Its components (mainly propane and butane) are in a gaseous state in the atmosphere and at room temperature. When compressed, they become liquid making the gas easily transportable. The name LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) comes, in fact, from this process.
Did you know that gas, in itself, is odourless and colourless? During processing, it is given a strong smell and a yellow colouring in order to be easily identified in case of leakage.
It has great qualities: it is one of the cleanest energy sources because it has a low environmental impact (it does not pollute any kind of soil, water or air thanks to an improved combustion with limited residues), it is non-toxic and has an optimum energetic and calorific performance.For this reason, it is remarkably flammable.
Apart from an increasing use in automotive, LPG is a widely used combustion in things like in cooking and heating.
LPG is distributed in tanks that are located upstream of an installation, and are regularly filled by tanker trucks. Then the gas goes through the pipelines. This type of distribution is used in places that do not get methane, for example in rural areas or small urban centres.

GardaUno and LPG

To achieve the goal of improving the necessary services to all Garda municipalities; Garda Uno has created a project for the realization and management of an LPG Gas distribution network in the municipalities of Tremosine and Tignale.
In the municipality of Tremosine, the communities Vesio, Villa, Voltino, Campi, Voiandes, Mezzema, Arias, Pieve all receive LPG gas. Works on the pipelines serving the old town centre Pregasio, Musio, Priezzo and Sompriezzo are in the final stages and will be activated soon. In the Tignale municipality, the community of Piovere, is currently being served.

Description  Costo

Complete connection of every electric meter up to five meters

200,00 € + VAT 22%

Costs for the signing of the contract and meter installation

Description  Quota
Caution deposit 25,00 € one-time fee
Subscription and Meter installation 77,47 € + VAT 22%
Tax stamp 16,00 €

Gas Rates (excluding VAT) as of June 2016

 Description  Fixed rate Variable rate
Up to 39 mc. 24,00 €/year 1,64 €/mc 16,115387  €/Gj
Up to 39.01 to 980 mc. 48,00 €/year 1,75 €/mc 17,115387  €/Gj
Over 980 mc. 100,00 €/year 1,60 €/mc 15,715387  €/Gj


The inhabitants of certain areas in Italy (like Tignale, classified in climatic zone “F” and Tremosine, classified in climatic zone “E”) in accordance to Law n. 448/2001 , benefit from a reduction in the purchase of GPL destined for use of the heating system.
The tax exemption is equal to €/kg 0,15907 as €/mc 0,31814.

Toll free number 800-601-328

Toll free number

800-601 328



Italian to english translation by Greta Chimini of the Liceo Scientifico Statale Enrico Fermi, Salò (BS) - for the Garda Uno Lab project