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Gardauno Spa


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Who can register for the service?

Any adult can register, either with an Italian driving license or with a foreign driving license, it is enough to have a license for more than a year. Registration is individual, there is no possibility of registration by companies.

I signed up but I can't log in to the service with credentials. What to do?

Verify that you have received the e-mail with the request for validation and that you have done it, check that the 48h necessary for the validation of the account have expired and search in your e-mail box for confirmation of registration for the service.

If all these checks are positive, contact one of the operators on the toll-free number 046.4076376 - h 24 7/7.

What is the minimum rental period?

1 hour.

What is the maximum rental duration?

48 hours.

How long before can I book the vehicle?

Maximum 30 days and minimum 5 minutes.

Can I change / cancel my reservations?

Yes, only 60 minutes before it began.

Can I leave the vehicle anywhere?

No. Vehicles must always be returned to the starting point, otherwise the penalties provided in the "Extra Costs" document will be applied.

If I find the vehicle damaged or very dirty?

Make a report with the App or call the toll-free number 800133966 (h24 - 7/7). If you believe the vehicle is not suitable for use, you can decide to release it and choose another one, if available.

What bans are there?

On board the vehicles you are not allowed: to smoke; to transport animals, unless the animal is a guide aid for blind people carried by the driver.

Furthermore, the vehicles cannot be used:

  • under the influence of alcohol or any type of psychotropic substance whose effect is incompatible with driving (both prohibited and not recommended);
  • in any type of race, competition or test or circulation in areas prohibited for private circulation;
  • for purposes contrary to the law;
  • for driving safety courses, driving practice;
  • for the transport of things and any type of dangerous substance;
  • for the transport of things or substances which, due to their condition, could damage the vehicle and / or delay the possibility of Garda Uno SpA renting it to third parties;
  • for towing or pushing any type of vehicle or trailer;
  • in any way that is dangerous and imprudent or incompatible with the characteristics of the vehicle (see the vehicle user manual);
  • for the transport of people or objects on payment;
  • for sub-hire to third parties;
  • outside the provincial territory of the following cities: Bergamo, Brescia, Cremona, Mantua, Trento and Verona;
  • outside of regularly paved roads or in any case on unpaved roads or where access is not permitted by law, regulations, disciplines or provisions of the Public Administration;
  • with a number of passengers greater than that specified in the vehicle user manual;
  • for anything not expressly indicated, explicit reference is made to the information in the vehicle registration document and to the use and maintenance manual of each vehicle.
  • the Customer may also not allow the use of the vehicle by third parties, even in the presence of the Customer, except in the case of force majeure and appropriate communication and authorization by Garda Uno SpA.

Can I recharge the car?

The service fees include the cost of charging the vehicle both at the stations of the sharing stations and at the 100% Urban Green Mobility charging stations, owned by Garda Uno SpA. Any top-ups at charging stations other than those are excluded from the rates indicated above.



To read the informations, click here.

To read the informations, click here.


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