Gadauno Spa


Each owner of an electric car, not in possession of a Mobility Card, can access the service by purchasing a single charge in the Temporary User section of the website


You can choose from:

  • 5,00 € for 2 hours of recharge;
  • 10,00 € for 5 hours of recharge;
  • 15,00 € for 10 hours of recharge.


The code generated by the recharge purchase can be used within 48 hours.

It’s worth noting that the code is valid for one connection only; in the event of using a lower recharging time the credit will be completely cancelled anyway.




  • access the web page Temporary User (Pic.1);
  • enter data (e-mail, telephone number and Name Surname/Business Name), choose the type of charge and click ‘login’ (Pic.2);
  • enter your credit card data (Pic.3);
  • wait for the message of charge success (Pic.4);
  • wait until the system return to the main page of gardaunomobility (Pic.5);
  • check your inbox and open the e-mail from;
  • click on the link of the Temporary Token, valid 48hs (Pic.6);
  • the Temporary Token is automatically inserted in the page ‘gardaunomobility’, click the Login button to proceed (Pic.7);
  • select a charging station on the map (Pic.8);
  • choose the socket;
  • press the blue button (Pic.9);
  • wait until the release of the plug and put the connector;
  • press the red button to stop the electic charging and release the connector (Pic.10).



Click on the following link to download the Manual.

English Temporary User Manual

Temporäre Bedienungsanleitung (Deutsch)